Man flogged 74 times for insulting Labor Minister in IranAgents of the Implementation of Verdicts Office flogged an Iranian worker with 74 lashes of whip before his verdict was finalized.
The worker, Davoud Rafii used to work at Iran Khodro car manufacturer before being expelled in 2012. He was sentenced to flogging for insulting the Labor Minister.
This week he reported in to Moghaddas Courthouse to follow up on his case, because the Judiciary had pressured the person who had deposited his bail.
But upon his arrival at the courthouse, he was arrested. Without prior notice and without finalization of his verdict, agents of the Office of Implementation of Verdicts gave him 74 lashes.
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Kurdish activist educator Anisa Jafari MehrAnisa Jafari-Mehr, a Kurdish activist educator was arrested in the city of Eslamabad-e Gharb, in Kermanshah Province, western Iran.
According to the news published on November 23, 2020, intelligence agents raided and ransacked the residence of this Kurdish activist educator without presenting a legal warrant.
They confiscated Ms. Jafari-Mehr’s personal belongings including her laptop, smartphone, and some of her books. Her family said the agents were armed and they handcuffed their daughter at the time of arrest.
Anisa Jafari-Mehr has a Master’s in linguistics and is a member of the writers’ council of the literary quarterly called, “J”.
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Retired teacher Massoumeh Asgari returned to Evin PrisonRetired teacher Massoumeh Asgari returned to Evin Prison on November 22, 2020, although her medical treatment had not been completed.
The retired teacher Massoumeh Asgari had been granted medical leave after the Coroner’s Office endorsed that she needs to undergo treatment because of her various illnesses.
Ms. Asgari recently had an accident where she broke her leg at 8 points. She cannot walk on her own and uses a walker.
The order to return to Evin comes as her medical treatment has not been completed. She was supposed to stay on medical leave for one year, but she was called back to the women’s ward of Evin Prison to endure the four remaining years of her sentence.
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Discriminatory treatment of the poor in IranA woman setting herself on fire in Bandar Abbas, capital of the southern Iranian province of Hormozgan, evoked widespread outrage across the country.
The footage of this cruel and inhuman measure was disseminated on the social media on November 19. A young girl can be heard screaming and a woman is seen trying to prevent the agents from demolishing her home.
Tayyebeh, 35, with her three children, and her sister-in-law, Zahra Hassanzadeh, and her 7-year-old son, all lived in a small room built in Sarallah Ave. in Bandar Abbas.

On Thursday, November 19, agents of the municipality of Bandar Abbas went to their place without prior notice and without a court warrant.
The small room built by the two women was so rickety that agents could ruin it just by using their hands to push the walls.
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New wave of arrests of MEK supportersThe wave of arrest of families and supporters of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) has continued.
In the second half of November, simultaneous with the anniversary of the protests last year which shook the regime to its foundations, the Ministry of Intelligence and its repressive forces and agents have launched a series of arrests particularly among the families and supporters of the PMOI/MEK.
In Tehran, the well-known Vafaii family were targeted. Pouria Vahidian, 27, is also among those recently arrested.
He is related to the Saeed Moghimi who was executed during the 1988 massacre.
Pouria Vahidian had been previously imprisoned from 2018 to 2020 and was released after completing his sentence in April 2020.
Iran HRM had previously reported on November 15 on the arrests of other supporters of the PMOI/MEK in Kermanshah, Yazd and Tehran.
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new report of Evin prisonThe clerical regime’s Intelligence Ministry has launched a new wave of arrests in Iran to fend off the outbreak of a spate of protests.
A number of political prisoners were re-arrested or summoned over the past week. One of those arrested is a young man suffering from blood cancer and detention would pose greater risk to his health.
Fearing the explosive state of society on the anniversary of the uprising in November 2019, the clerical regime’s Intelligence Ministry has launched a new wave of arrests in Iran in the past few days in various cities.
Agents of the Intelligence Department of Songhor, in Kermanshah Province, raided and ransacked the residences of several former political prisoners on November 11, 2020. They arrested Saeed Asghari, Saeed Samimi, and Kasra Bani Amerian and took them to Ward 4 of Evin Prison in Tehran after hours of interrogation. No summons had been issued for these persons to report in to prison.
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Security Forces Fire Tear Gas to Disperse ProtestersSeventy-one Iranian men and women were summoned to Behbahan’s Public and Revolution Court on November 7, for “investigations” into their participation in July protests.
The 71 citizens must appear in court within the next 5 days in Behbahan, a city in the southeastern Khuzestan Province.
The men and women were charged with “insulting the Supreme Leader, disrupting public order and the country’s security, and assembly and collusion against national and foreign security”.
July 2020 Protests in Southern Iran
Iranian protesters took to the streets in the southern cities of Shiraz and Behbahan on July 16 to protest dire economic conditions and the impending death penalty for three young men who were arrested during the protests in November 2019.
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Mohammad Banazadeh Amirkhizi Payam ShakibaPolitical prisoners Mohammad Banazadeh Amirkhizi and Payam Shakiba, held in Evin Prison, have been denied medical treatment despite showing symptoms of COVID-19.
The political prisoners have experienced fever, headache, lethargy, the loss of smell and taste since about a week ago.
In addition to his age, 65-year-old Banazadeh Amirkhizi has serious medical conditions, including heart failure which puts him at particular risk of severe illness or death if he contracts COVID-19.
The other political prisoner, Payam Shakiba suffers from migraines, which has made his symptoms more severe.
There have been several reports on overcrowded, unhygienic and unsanitary conditions inside Evin Prison that put the prisoners at greater risk of COVID-19 infections.
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Young Men Flogged in Public in Northeastern Iran For TheftThe public flogging sentences for two men were carried out today in the city of Golbahar in northeast Iran.
A Judicial Official in the province announced the public punishment saying that the flogging sentences of two young men convicted of theft were carried out in public in the city of Golbahar.
In his comments carried by the state-run media, Golbahar Public and Revolutionary Prosecutor said that the men were eached flogged 74 times.
Golbahar is located 35 km northwest of Mashhad.
Hundreds are routinely flogged in Iran each year, sometimes in public. In the most recent flogging case, prison guards lashed four prisoners last month in Karaj Central Prison near Iran’s capital Tehran.
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Prison Covid 19Recent reports indicate horrific health and hygienic conditions in Mahabad Prison. The Coronavirus has plagued the prison and prisoners are at high risk of infection.
A number of staff and employees at the prison have already contracted COVID-19.
No accurate figures are available on the number of fatalities and COVID-19 cases in this prison. However, it is known that Ahmad Alipour, who was serving his fourth year in the Prison of Mahabad, died due to Coronavirus infection just this month. The authorities of the Prison of Mahabad concealed the real reason for Mr. Alipour’s death, registering it as a heart stroke.
Despite the circumstances, prison authorities have deprived prisoners of the minimum hygiene and sanitation. The washrooms and showers have been out of order for more than three months. Leaving 600 inmates in this prison with only four washrooms, which is one for every 150 prisoners.
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